Munich survivor recounts horror: "I thought, 'I'm next'"

Munich gunman identified
Munich gunman identified 02:01

MUNICH, Germany -- Investigators are learning more about the gunman who killed at least nine people on Friday before turning his gun on himself. Twenty-seven people were injured. The suspect is 18-year-old German-Iranian David Sonboly.

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German authorities say the Munich shooter acted alone, had no links to terrorist groups, suffered from depression and was "obsessed" with mass killings. A search at the shooter's family apartment on Saturday turned up reading material about mass murderers, including right-wing fanatic Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people in Norway exactly five years ago.

Many of the nine victims of Friday's shooting were teenagers.

"The first bullets hit the boy next to me," Huseyin Bayri, 29, told CBS News. "I tried talking to him while the shooter continued his rampage, and I thought, 'I'm next.'"

A video from the shooting apparently shows Bayri trying to save that teenager's life.

"I tried to put my hands on his wounds so he wouldn't bleed to death," Bayri said.

Bayri said he heard the German-Iranian shooter yelling, "I'm German, you ******* foreigners."

Police say the shooting that unfolded here was premeditated -- that the gunman had hacked into someone's Facebook page and had made it appear as though there was a promotional offer to try to lure people to the scene. The killer's body was found not far from the scene. He'd shot himself and had a backpack full of ammunition.

Baryi said he's traumatized.

"The boy said, 'I can't go any longer,' and drew his last breath," Baryi recalled.

Yet again, sidewalks have turned into somber memorials as another major European city is left shaken.