Mother pranks son with fake magic trick (and an egg)

(CBS News) Think of this post as a reminder to all the mothers out there that it's your special day coming up soon and you can do whatever you want. And if that happens to include a prank or two, then I'd say you're welcome to have at it this time of the year. You can even feel free to employ the "maternal" prank used in the video above if you're inclined. Go ahead and take a look.

Awwww... that wasn't a magic trick! (Note: this is the second time I've employed the term "Awwww" involving mothers today, but for a very different reason previously.) The somewhat childish, but also amusing prank was recently posted by YouTube user Steve Cronk. And while I'm not saying moms everywhere should treat the holiday as their personal April Fools' Day, I'm also not going to wag my finger if you opt for something like this over breakfast in bed or otherwise. Just saying.