Get Motivated. Here's How.

Last Updated Nov 19, 2007 9:05 AM EST

It's not hard to get motivated. In fact, it's easy. For example, right now I'm motivated to play a computer game. But I'm writing my blog instead, because I'm also motivated to make this blog successful.

The trick about motivation isn't simply to get motivated, but to get motivated to do the things that will make you more successful. So here's an easy way to do this. Ask yourself the following seven questions, taking at least ten seconds per question to let your brain come up with an answer:

  1. What is my purpose for working? Why are you working and why in sales? Do you genuinely want to help people? Would you get bored if you weren't making money? Do you simply want a paycheck to feed your family? There's no "right" answer, but you need to know why you're working, if you're going to be motivated to take action to fulfill that purpose.
  2. How does what I sell tie into my purpose? The more closely you associate, in your mind, your purpose with whatever you're selling, the easier you'll be able to motivate yourself to do what's necessary to make a sale. For example, if you're turned on by helping people (your purpose), then you should focus on those aspects of what you're selling that are truly helpful.
  3. How do my managers' goals tie into that purpose? Most of the time, your managers want you to be successful because that help them fulfill their objectives. Aligning your purpose with your managers' objectives removes the notion that you're being "forced" to work and the feeling of resistance that comes from being pressured.
  4. How does my company's strategy tie into my purpose? Most companies are founded with some kind of larger goal in mind. (For example, many high tech firms want to "change the world.") Aligning your purpose with your firm's corporate strategy puts your day-to-day activities into a larger context, making you part of a greater whole.
  5. What are my specific, ambitious goals? Now that you've got everything aligned, set ambitious goals that, if achieved, will create success for yourself, your products, your manager and your company. We're not talking about meeting quota; we're talking about a goal that will inspire you -- and make you 100 percent certain that you'll be fulfilling your purpose.
  6. What is my plan to achieve those goals? Review your step-by-step plan to bring you closer to your goals. (If you don't have a plan yet, this is the time to create one.) Confirm that the steps are workable and reasonable. Don't be afraid to change the plan as you get closer to the goal and understand better what needs to be done.
  7. What can I do RIGHT NOW to achieve those goals? Motivation feeds on momentum. If you take action, right now, when you're contemplating these questions, it will carry you through the day, keeping you focused on the activities that will lead you towards your goals and the fulfillment of your purpose.
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By the way, the above is based upon a conversation that I recently had with the motivational guru Omar Periu. Smart guy and very inspiring.