Escaped hostage: "Oh my God, they're collecting us"

Photographer Matthew Schrier told 60 Minutes that Syrian rebels were "collecting" U.S. journalists. James Foley was among them

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When photojournalist Matthew Schrier recounted to 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley his 210 days of captivity in Syria, he described the moment when he realized he was among a collection of kidnapped American journalists held by Syrian rebels.

During his seven-month captivity, Schrier told Pelley, he was moved into a different cell where another prisoner was lying on the floor. When the guard told him the prisoner was American, Schrier said he didn't believe him at first.

"It was a curveball," Schrier told Pelley. "One of the first things I said is, 'Oh my God, they're collecting us.'"

When Schrier's interview was broadcast on 60 Minutes last November, at least four other American journalists, including James Foley, were still being held.

This week, Foley's captors posted a video to YouTube showing his execution.

Take a look at Schrier's chilling interview in the video player above to hear what it was like to be kidnapped by jihadists in Syria and live to tell the tale.