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As Clinton concedes, NYSE traders reportedly boo, shout "lock her up"

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Defeated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s televised concession speech Wednesday may have left many viewers teary-eyed, but it also reportedly inspired traders gathered on the floor of New York Stock Exchange to boo, jeer and shout “lock her up.”

That’s according to Carl Quintanilla of CNBC and Hope King of the financial digital news stream Cheddar, who both tweeted about trader insults from the NYSE floor, according to the website Business Insider.

The reported boos and scattered shouts of “loser,” “liar” and “lock her up” first were heard during vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine’s televised remarks to campaign workers gathered in a Manhattan hotel ballroom for Clinton’s concession to Republican victor Donald Trump. 

The NYSE did not return an email seeking comment or confirmation of the reported boos and jeers from the trading floor. 

King, whose employer Cheddar streams its daily reports from studio space on the floor of the NYSE, described around 11:30 a.m. ET Wednesday “lots of boos @NYSE trading floor as Kaine takes stage,” according to the Business Insider account. As the stock exchange played audio of Clinton’s concession for its members on the floor, King described in a series of tweets “traders booing Hillary, shouting loser” and  “some @NYSE traders just sang a little of Na Na Na Na Hey Hey-ey Goodbye” and “more singing of na na na na ... and ‘ding dong the witch is dead.’ ”

King soon took pains to tweet that not all traders were booing Clinton, and that the exchange floor was mostly quiet during her speech -- “just a few loud traders.” Copies of her tweets embedded in the Business Insider story could no longer be seen on her Twitter feed by Wednesday afternoon.

Meantime, the 30 Dow Jones industrial index stocks traded on the NYSE spiked 1.4 percent Wednesday to 18,589.69, while the S&P 500-stock index rose 1.1 percent to 2163.26.

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