Becoming human: Shin's new life

Anderson Cooper and producer Andy Court discuss Shin Dong-hyuk's transformation and his new-found life in America since his escape

"Shin Dong-hyuk isn't just somebody who was sent to a concentration camp," says Anderson Cooper. "This is somebody who was born into a concentration camp. And for the majority of his life up until he was probably 22 or 23, had no idea that there was another kind of way to exist."

This week on 60 Minutes, Shin told Anderson the stunning story of how he escaped from Camp 14, a brutal political prison believed to exist in North Korea.

Since his escape, Shin has attempted to create some semblance of a life, with the help of friends in South Korea and an adoptive family in Columbus, Ohio.

"When I was in the camp I don't remember crying so much. Even when my mother and my brother were executed, I didn't shed too many tears," Shin told Anderson. "But now, for example, when I see videos of the Holocaust it moves me to tears. I think I am still evolving-- from an animal to a human."

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