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60 Minutes' funniest moments with Adele

Anderson Cooper gets a tour of Adele's house, where the pair has a grand time baking cupcakes and perusing the singer's wig collection.

Here's what you didn't see in Anderson Cooper's profile of Adele on the broadcast.

60 Minutes Overtime takes you behind the scenes on Anderson's visit with the British singer. Turns out, the pair had a grand time touring her empty mansion. First, they baked cupcakes in her kitchen, pretending to be co-hosts of a mock cooking show they named "Rolling in the Dough." Then, Adele took Anderson into her messy master bedroom, where he noticed some wigs strewn on her bed. Anything but embarrassed, Adele showed off her favorite wigs and even divulged her pet names for them. Are you as charmed by this talented young singer as we are?

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Update: After this piece was filmed, Adele gave birth to a baby boy on Oct. 19, 2012. The moms on our editorial staff are willing to bet that her mansion is no longer empty.