1000memories, ShoeBox app adds photos directly to Facebook Timeline


(CBS) - If you haven't heard of 1000memories, open a new tab and take a peek. It's a neat way to store family photos online. They also have an iPhone app called ShoeBox, which is adding a new way to integrate old photos onto Facebook Timeline.

Archive your family history with 1000memories

ShoeBox already lets you take mobile photos, edit them and upload them to 1000memories, Facebook or Twitter. Now, instead of just going online, the app lets you add a date and location, which will go to both your Facebook Timeline and 1000memories.

"It's easy to forget that Facebook is only 7 years old, which means most of our photos and memories are not online yet. The introduction of Facebook Timeline has made clear the huge gaps in our life stories - most obviously from our birth dates to the invention of Facebook in 2004," 1000memories co-founder Rudy Adler said in a press release. "We built ShoeBox to finally get these photos from our past out of the closet and online where they can be enjoyed by everyone."

1000memories is a photo-sharing website that is official partners with the Internet Archive. Users can upload photos, post stories or create family trees. ShoeBox is the website's iPhone app.