House Speaker McCarthy Delivers Press Statement At The Capitol

House passes 45-day funding bill to avert government shutdown

The House passed a bill to fund the government for 45 days, to avert government shutdown hours before it was to go into effect. The Senate will now take up the measure.

Former President Donald Trump Speaks In Clinton, Michigan

Donald Trump expects to attend start of New York civil trial Monday

Former President Donald Trump expects to attend at least the first day of the civil trial pitting him and the Trump Organization against New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Nurses at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center Strike For Better Wages And Staffing

75,000 health care workers could soon strike in five states

The walkout by Kaiser Permanente nurses, orderlies and other workers would represent the biggest health care strike in U.S. history.


Student loan repayments begin again on October 1. Here's what to know

Americans with student loan debt will begin repaying their loans starting on Sunday after a hiatus of more than three years.


Hundreds of flights canceled and delayed after storm slams NYC

Travelers were urged to check with their carriers after intense rain and flooding disrupted flights at two of the nation's busiest airports.

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