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Two Arrested After Crash, Confrontation On I-225 In Aurora

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) -- A man and a woman were arrested and charged with felony menacing following a post-crash encounter on Interstate 225 Saturday afternoon.

The incident started with a collision between two cars in the northbound lanes of I-225 near 6th Avenue around 1 p.m., according to the Aurora Police Department (APD).

Shortly after the collision, a third vehicle arrived at the scene. The occupants of the third vehicle were somehow associated with, or friends of, the people inside one of the first two cars in the accident, APD's Matthew Longshore explained.

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(credit: CBS)

The occupants of that third vehicle confronted those inside the vehicle which had collided with that of their friends, Longshore told CBS4. They in fact "tried to fight" them. Weapons were pulled out during the argument.

Longshore said fire department personnel arrived on scene and immediately backed off when they saw the disturbance. APD officers came in, secured the scene, recovered two firearms and made two arrests.

Robin Lawton, 38, and Anthony Lawton, 21, were later booked into jail on felony menacing charges, Longshore said.

225 crash arrest suspects combo
Robin Lawton and Anthony Lawton (credit: Aurora Police Department)

Photos sent anonymously by a CBS4 viewer showed five people outside a black car, likely a Chevy Malibu that involved in the crash, which has front-end damage. While no officers are seen in the photo, the five people have their hands in the air as if complying with officers' instructions.

225 Crash Arrests 2 cropped
(credit: CBS)

APD's Longshore said the particular relationship between Robin and Anthony Lawton wasn't immediately clear. A search of online public records shows they both reside in Aurora, but separately.

There were no reports of injuries as a result of the accident or the encounter that happened afterward, per Longshore.

225 Crash Arrests 5 (no credit)
(credit: CBS)


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