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Whitney Port dishes on wedding plans, fall fashion

Earlier this week, Whitney Port had us fooled when she posted this photo:

A photo posted by Whitney Port (@whitneyeveport) on

Looks like a wedding pic, right? She's dressed in white and captioned it "Mrs. Rosenman." In reality, though, the photo was taken at Port's bridal shower. Whoops!

The former star of "The Hills" told CBS News, "When I posted that photo I didn't even think about that. It didn't even cross my mind that people were going to think that I got married. It was just my bridal shower and I thought it was a cute little caption and all of a sudden I'm getting emails being like, 'Oh my God, congrats!" And then I realized that's what it was. So, no, I did not get married yet."

Read on for how the wedding plans are actually going (the big day is soon, she says), along with the 30-year-old fashion designer's tips on fall style and beauty.

On wedding planning: "It's been really, really fun. It's been obviously at times overwhelming and with so much family involved there can be trying times, but for the most part I've kept perspective. I'm just excited for the weekend to come."

On her fiance, Tim Rosenman: "We've been dating for four years, but we've been engaged for two. We kind of took it slow. But gosh, Tim is just the greatest. He makes me laugh harder than anyone can possibly make me laugh. He has such good character. He's all about justice and the difference between right and wrong and he just has really good morals. I know that sounds cheesy. He's a really good communicator, too, and that's always been important to me. I just really need to feel like someone's listening -- like really listening to me. He's just the best."

Whitney Port and Tim Rosenman attend the Portsea Polo event at Point Nepean Quarantine Station on Jan. 10, 2015, in Melbourne, Australia. Graham Denholm/Getty Images

On maintaining a healthy lifestyle pre-wedding: "It's kind of business as usual for me. The healthy lifestyle is part of my every day routine anyway, so I haven't done anything specific. The big thing for me is keeping healthy snacks. I feel like I'm running around from meeting to the the next and I've been munching on these goodness knows snack squares that are really delicious ... they really really help me throughout the day [Port is also now a spokesperson for the brand] ... If I'm going hungry, I can't function ... My friends always call me 'snack mom' because I'm always the one that has the snacks."

On fall fashion: "I'm loving dark florals. I always love a good floral, but I think for fall, a really dark, moody floral is great. I have this really awesome vegan leather moto jacket in my line that has this really cute dark floral print with simple black leather that you can wear with anything. I'm loving over-the-knee boots that are sexy and cool and you can kind of wear them as tights. I'm always a big fan of turtlenecks. I think they're super chic and I think they are a great layering piece when it starts to get cool."

On fall beauty tips: "I think keeping a little spritz, like a moisturizing spray and spraying yourself throughout the day is key. It really helps keep your skin moisturized throughout the day because the change in weather can really affect your skin. I think just moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. That's so important in keeping yourself hydrated.

On what's next: "It's really all about my line. My Whitney collection is on my site, the fall collection. And it's on Nordstrom. I'm focused on just continuing to evolve and work on my clothing line."

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