Weekend Music Round-Up: rocking women edition

(CBS News) Do you see that? Right over the horizon? I think I can make out... the weekend! Which means it's time for great music here on The Feed. Each week I try my best to configure a theme that fits, and honestly think I nailed it this time. (Feel free to leave some comment love to let me know.) Up first is a singer I've been rocking out to since I was a teen, and who continues to blow me away. Check out the new music video for Fiona Apple's song "Hot Knife" above.

To add to the utter amazing that is this sweet new song from the legendary chanteuse, the video was also directed by one of my absolute favorite filmmakers: Paul Thomas Anderson! Seriously, could one music video possibly get any more impressive than this? (Absolutely not!)

Moving along, up next in our round-up we've got a band that hails from across the pond (or Atlantic Ocean, as some call it). Click play below to take in the seriously soothing and impressive sound of Irish band Little Green Cars' new music video for the song "My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me" below. And just relax for a bit before the weekend starts up.

For our focus on (visual) form along with sound, we crank the weekend party vibe up a notch with a music video for the song "Hearts Like Ours" from The Naked & Famous directed by Campbell Hooper below. Click play, turn the volume up loud and just get down to the slick sound.

Finally, we're going to end the Weekend Music Round-Up this week with a "Tribute to Vivaldi." But don't let the name fool you, and expect some calming, classical music to take you away into the weekend. Instead, prepare to be completely blown away by 14-year-old teen guitar phenom Tina S absolutely shredding on her Vigier Excalibur guitar at the bottom. (You've been warned...)

And with that, I hope you're all staying cool this summer, have a great upcoming weekend and keep coming back to The Feed for all of your viral (and music) video needs!