Watermelon smoothies in 2 minutes -- no mess, no fuss

(CBS News) File this video under, "summer is not over yet!" We will continue to keep the BBQ and summer party dream alive all week. In today's summer-themed lesson, NASA engineer Mark Rober demonstrates "how to create a refreshing watermelon smoothie" in 2 minutes with little mess. Check out how you can make the perfect summer beverage with a coat hanger and an electric drill in the helpful video above.

It never ceases to amaze me how people discover that things like this work. Who said, "Oh, I bet if I attach a coat hanger to a drill and stick it in a watermelon, it'll make the perfect drink!" Certainly not me, but then again, I am not a spaceship engineer. Talk about a good use of his time (sarcasm not intended). My two cents, throw in some vodka and add a little spice to your next post-Labor Day partay. What do you guys think, can you see yourselves using this tactic?

  • Lesley Savage