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VIDEO: Penguins on a plane!

A SeaWorld penguin waddles down the aisle of a plane.
A SeaWorld penguin waddles down the aisle of a plane.

(CBS) Flying the skies is often an unhappy place for the parents of young children. But what if there were penguins aboard?

It would certainly be a distraction -- as it was aboard a Southwest Airlines flight to San Diego last Saturday.

But penguins -- on a plane? Why?

According to the AOL website Urlesque, the penguins were headed back to SeaWorld from a national science convention in San Francisco.

In a YouTube video of the scene, one flightless flier can be seen strolling the walkway while a speaker on the plane's public address system can be heard giving fun, educational tidbits about penguins, including "They live on the Galapagos Islands" and "His wings are actually modified into flippers for swimming."

The sight of penguins waddling up and down the plane's aisles delighted its passengers -- both young and old.

One man in the video can be heard saying, "You don't see that every day."

But wouldn't it be nice? We at "Eye on Parenting" think flying would be a lot more fun if penguins "flew" every day.

Check out the video here: