Under Armour college football team jerseys "Frankenstein" uniforms and look blood-spattered, veteran says

Under Armour revealed Saturday's uniforms for the Northwestern University Wildcats in a promotional video. The red, white and blue design is intended to honor American veterans. But some people have objected.

Matt Ufford, a contributor to the sports website SBNation.com, said, "Sections of it look blood-splattered, and anyone who thinks otherwise, has to willfully ignore what it obviously looks like."

Ufford, who wrote about the single-game uniforms, is a Northwestern graduate and Marine veteran who served in Iraq. He said, "I'm proud of my Northwestern education. I'm proud of my Marine Corps service. I love my country and I love the flag, but those are all very different and complicated things, and to have it mashed together in this Frankenstein football uniform -- it kind of lessens each of those things that I'm proud of."

Last year, Under Armour provided similar uniforms to Boston College and the University of Hawaii. Commentary then was more positive. Back then it was described as "snazzy" and "patriotic," and the stars-and-stripes design was considered "sleek" and "wowing."

Ufford said, "When you have a symbol as powerful as the American flag, you're going to have people whose opinions differ on it."

Matt Mirchin, executive vice president of global marketing for Under Armour, defended the jersey.

"We wanted a patriotic theme, and what we did was take images of flags that have flown over time that were battle tested and worn and used that as a symbol of America's spirit," Mirchin said.

Team jerseys will be auctioned off after Saturday's game, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project. The charity has defended the uniform and Under Armour's longstanding support of American veterans and the millions of dollars they've raised.

Mirchin said, "There really is no controversy in my opinion. We are trying to raise money for a cause and trying to raise awareness for that cause."

Watch Dean Reynolds' full report above.


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