Two cases of pretty random brilliance and skill

(CBS News) Some people in this world have an idea and the skill necessary to see it executed. Others just kind of get lucky and stumble upon it. We'll cover both in this post, starting with the latter: Are you tired of printing something and then filing it afterwards? What if you could save yourself (eh, probably seconds at most) time, effort and stress by doing both at the same time? Which leads us to the video above. The moment of genius starts at about 22 seconds into the clip.

The "innovation" (because as cool as it looks, I'm not sure it's actually really helping) was posted by YouTube user JamesExplainz who writes about the moment: 

An amazing accident. You can't make this [stuff] up.

And speaking of saving some time: slicing and dicing a watermelon can be a real hassle. Unless you happen to be the talented individual in this video below from YouTube user matt Jones. Go ahead and set your timer to 30 seconds and prepare to be impressed by some serious knife skills on display. All in all, two random clips that declare that the weekend is finally here!