Treasury secretary's loopy signature is now less loopy

@USTreasury via Twitter

Less loop-dee-loop than his signature as President Obama's chief of staff, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew's barely legible signature will appear on dollar bills this fall.

The squiggly cursive representing his name while in the White House and Office of Management and Budget won't be on the United States paper currency. Rather, Lew used connected short lines to represent each letter, incorporating his middle initial in this signature, unlike those before.

Lew also wrote his "J" (for the first letter of his name and middle initial) in a different style - this letter is readable in both the money and previous signature versions. With the "J," Lew upheld a promise to Mr. Obama that the president announced when nominating Lew to the position.

"Jack assures me that he is going to work to make at least one letter legible in order not to debase our currency should he be confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury," Mr. Obama joked in February.

The Treasury Department posted pictures of Lew writing his name, and the signature itself, on their Twitter account earlier Tuesday.