Thief steals motor oil, 24 quarts from Calif. Costo, but can't slip away, police say

Motor oil on the shelves of Costco in Burbank, Calif., like what a thief tried to get away with, according to police
CBS Los Angeles
(CBS) BURBANK, Calif. - A Southern California man allegedly tried to steal 24 quarts of motor oil from the Burbank Costco by strapping the cans to his body and stuffing them into his clothing.

Not too slick.

CBS Los Angeles reports Jorge Sanchez, 35, was spotted about 4:30 p.m. Thursday trying to ease on out of the superstore without paying for the oil.

Store employees gave chase and officials said they lost Sanchez after he jumped a fence. Burbank Police Sgt. Darin Ryburn told the station that nine of the 24 quarts were recovered during the foot chase.

Authorities said Sanchez walked into the Costco and went straight to the oil aisle. He allegedly grabbed a couple of cases and emptied them.

Sgt. Ryburn told CBS Los Angeles, "He proceeded to hide the quarts of oil in his pants, socks, and in his shirt."

Police said he used a bungee cord to strap the bottles down.

Sanchez was later apprehended about eight blocks from the store. Officials said he was arrested on suspicion of burglary charges.

Asked about a possible motive for the theft, Ryburn said, "He apparently changes oil as his profession and it's just too expensive."

Police say when they searched Sanchez' car, they found 50 more quarts of oil. They're investigating whether those were stolen, too.