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"The Walking Dead" premiere starts season off with a bang

In this image released by AMC, the cast members from the second season of the AMC original series "The Walking Dead" are photographed in Senoia, Ga. The show revolves around a band of scrappy survivors fighting the undead, and camping in the woods in hopes of outrunning the hordes of zombies roaming their world.
AP Photo/AMC, Gene Page
Cast members from the second season of the AMC original series "The Walking Dead" are photographed in Senoia, Ga.

(CBS) Last time viewers caught up with Rick Grimes and the rest of the crew from the "Walking Dead," they barely surviving the zombie apocalypse. Sunday night's season premiere only confirmed that the survivors' situation is only going to go downhill from here - and will get a lot gorier. (Warning: Spoilers ahead)

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The AMC drama stunned critics and fans last year during its epic six-episode first season run. If the second season premiere is any indication, it seems the show will keep up the intensity it delivered the first time around. Though the television show has deviated from the plot of the comic book it was based on, it still maintains the integrity of the original source material thanks to the involvement of author and executive producer Robert Kirkman.

Any hopes that there would be a happy ending for the Georgia-based survivors were quashed in the 90-minute season premiere. Not only did a child go missing thanks to some pesky, hungry zombies, the show's protagonist gutted one of the undead to search for clues, and a desperate, suicidal woman begged for a weapon. If that didn't mark that in this upcoming season things would get even darker, Carl, one of the children, was unexpectedly shot at the very end of the episode. (Although, fans of the comic books will tell that Carl's affinity for attracting bullets is actually quite common.)

Did you think this first episode is a sign of good, yet bad, things to come, or did last night's episode turn you off the whole series?