Some Illinois ballots for GOP primary too large, to be counted by hand

SANDY SPRINGS, GA - MARCH 06: A local resident casts her vote at a polling station in St Andrew Presbyterian Church March 6, 2012 in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Ten states, including Georgia, hold caucuses and primaries today for voters to pick their choices for the Republican presidential nominee.
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

(CBS News) CHICAGO -- At least one voting glitch may delay Tuesday's voting results in the Illinois primary, where Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are hoping to get one step closer to the Republican nomination for president.

Several counties in the state are discovering that the paper ballots will not fit in the computerized machines that tabulate vote counts.

In Winnebago County, "the ballots are too large for the scanning machines, which does not allow for electronic tabulation by the machines at the polling places," county clerk Margie M. Mullins said.

"The vendor has admitted that several counties throughout Illinois are experiencing the same issue," she said in her prepared statement. Mullins assured citizens that every vote "would be counted."

That vendor was identified as Governmental Business Systems of Lisle, Ill.

Voters near the western Illinois city of Moline also reported the same problem with ballots that are 1/16th of an inch too large to fit in the optical computer scanner, according to poll workers. Ballots may have to be hand counted or manually cut to fit inside the scanners.