"Roots" remake in works from History network

Ben Vereen as Chicken George in scene from TV miniseries "Roots."

A remake of the groundbreaking television miniseries "Roots" is in the works at the History network.

The network said Tuesday that it had reached a deal with Mark Wolper, whose father, David, made the 1977 "Roots" miniseries, to acquire the rights to remake it. The project is in development, meaning there's a possibility it won't be made, but the commitment makes it likely the new series will appear some time in 2015.

The first "Roots" series was a television sensation, gripping the country with its story of generations of a slave family. The series aired over eight consecutive nights on ABC, attracting 100 million viewers for the finale. It won nine Emmys and remains one of the most-watched TV broadcasts of all time.

History has been particularly successful with miniseries lately, including "The Bible" and "Hatfields & McCoys."