Republican pollster on debate: Whoever wins tonight wins election

(CBS News) CBS News political analyst and Republican strategist Frank Luntz joined "CBS This Morning" on Monday, to discuss the state of the presidential race and expectations ahead of Monday night's final presidential debate.

Speaking to the critical status of the swing states, Luntz said they are still up for grabs.

"Ohio is in play, Wisconsin is in play and if any candidate wins both of those states, they're the next president of the United States ... It's not about 50 states, it's about two," he said.

Looking to Monday night's presidential debate on foreign policy, Luntz said the candidates' goal should be to frame foreign policy in their favor.

"The key is, how do you define national security?" he asked. "If you can define it in terms our debt, the deficit, that a weak economy is weak security, then that is the advantage for Mitt Romney, if it's defined by experience, leadership, then that may be the advantage for Barack Obama."

Reiterating the advantage of the incumbent on foreign policy issues, Luntz said "Obama has got the experience ... he had to fight the same battle [as Romney] in 2008 against John McCain." However, experience also opens Mr. Obama up to criticism. "He's got some strength, most importantly the death of Osama bin Laden," Luntz said, "But he's also got a weakness, which is Benghazi and the public wants to know what happened," he added, referring to Mr. Obama's handling of the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Luntz also emphasized the importance of this debate, making the claim that whoever wins the debate will win the election. He said it was the most critical debate "since Ronald Reagan debated Jimmy Carter" and added that "in this case, there's no other unedited opportunity for candidates to meet with the voters."


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