Photo prank makes imaginary friends all too real

(CBS News) While it's usually okay to have an imaginary friend as a young child, people tend to frown on it as you get older. (Especially if "older" is around your 20s or 30s.) But what happens when that imaginary friend turns out to be not-so-imaginary? Don't worry, we're not going down some dark and scary "Paranormal Activity" or "Poltergeist" road. Click play and get ready to laugh.

I love that bus driver who just totally busts and walks away. The "ghost in the machine" antics come courtesy of Rahat Hossain (aka Magic of Rahat)who has been featured on The Feed before for his series of pranks that tend to incorporate magic or illusion. This time he uses a slick technological twist, with assistance from fellow YouTube prankster, Jack Vale, that has his victims gasping and all of us laughing. Great job, Rahat and Jack! And to check out more of their humorous work, be sure to click here to go to Rahat's YouTube page or here to go to Jack's YouTube page.