Passings 2007: Medicine/Sci-Tech

/ Medicine & Sci-Tech

Dr. Hugo Wolfgang Moser, 82

Neurologist whose work with a
rare genetic disorder was depicted in the 1992 movie "Lorenzo's
Oil." Jan. 20.

Robert Adler, 93

Co-inventor of the TV remote, the 1956 Zenith Space Command. Feb. 15.

John Backus, 82

Developer of Fortran programming language that changed how people interacted with computers. March 17.

Frank Westheimer, 95

Eminent chemist; former science adviser to President Johnson. April 14.

Walter M. Schirra Jr., 84

An original Mercury Seven astronaut, who combined the Right Stuff with a pronounced rebellious streak. May 3.

Homer J. Stewart, 91

Rocket pioneer; helped develop first successful U.S. satellite, Explorer I. May 26.

Paul Yost, 87

Pioneer of hot-air ballooning. May 27.

Edwin Traisman, 91

Food scientist; helped develop Cheez Whiz. June 5.

Kai Siegbahn, 89

Shared 1981 Nobel Prize in physics. July 20.

Atle Selberg, 90

Renowned mathematician; worked on the properties of prime numbers. Aug. 6.

Ralph Alpher, 86

Physicist; did key work on underpinnings of the "Big Bang" theory. Aug. 12.

Dr. Leslie Lukash, 86

Medical examiner who helped identify the remains of Nazi Josef Mengele. Aug. 16.

Gene Savoy, 80

Explorer who discovered lost Inca and pre-Inca cities in Peru. Sept. 11.

Dr. Arthur Kornberg, 89

His test-tube synthesis of DNA earned a 1959 Nobel Prize. Oct. 26.

Paul Tibbets, 92

Piloted the B-29 that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Nov. 1.

Herbert Saffir, 90

Engineer; created the five-category system to describe hurricane strength. Nov. 21.

Albert Ellis, 93

Influential psychologist, founded a renowned therapy institute. July 24.

Paul MacCready, 81

Designed the Gossamer Condor flying machine, which in 1977 made the first sustained, controlled flight powered solely by human muscle. Aug. 28.

Dr. J. Robert Cade, 80

Inventor of Gatorade. Nov. 27.

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