Nancy Giles Wants New Blood For President

President Bush leads Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y, former President Bill Clinton, former President George H. W. Bush,
AP Photo/Jason Reed, Pool
Sunday Morning commentator Nancy Giles says that the Clintons and Bushes have been in power long enough.

Hillary Clinton. She's a two-term Senator from New York, with eight additional years of presidential dress rehearsals to boot. Her husband, Bill, was president, now she wants to be president. We're talking big egos here. So what's the real story? Are the Clintons feisty competitors like the gun-slinging Annie Oakley and Frank Butler in "Annie Get Your Gun?" Or do they get charged by outdoing each other like Ann-Margret and Elvis in "Viva Las Vegas?" Or is Hillary's run for commander-in-chief the biggest apology by an unfaithful husband in the history of American politics?

Can you imagine dinner conversation at the Clintons?

"Well, Bill, you were leader of the free world, and that was good, and now it's my turn to be leader of the free world."

"Okay, Hill. I owe you. Let me give you a few pointers."

But wait. The Clintons had a President in the family. They had their turn. And look what's happening with that other family that's hogging the White House, and all the messy father/son dynamics that are in the mix. Saddam was mean to his daddy years ago? George W's gonna git 'em, even if it means going to war with the wrong country! Dad's old team has some advice? George W. ignores 'em, 'cause he's his own man. It's a little bit "Dallas" with a sprinkling of Tennessee Williams' "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," but as this psychodrama plays out, who suffers?

Only the entire free world!

There have been fathers and sons and husbands and wives who've done good: John Adams — father — and John Quincy Adams — son — didn't do too badly as presidents; Nobel-prize winning scientists Pierre and Marie Curie were married and still managed to unlock the mysteries of radium and polonium; and we can only imagine what Posh and Becks will achieve.

Look, powerful people can be as nutty as the rest of us…and we live in a democracy where all of our voices should be heard.

Isn't it time to maybe shake up the political establishment and bring someone new to a table that's been monopolized by the same two families for the last 20 years?