Mass. man's donated organs save four lives

A photo of the McManus brothers. Dillon McManus was killed when he and his brother Riley were hit by a Hummer. CBS/WBZ

A Massachusetts man lost his twin brother in a car accident, but takes solace in the fact his brother's organs helped save the lives of four strangers who needed them. CBS Station WBZ reported.

Last September, Riley and Dillon McManus were crossing the street right on the crosswalk near their home in Lynn, when they were both hit by a Hummer, killing Dillon and injuring Riley in the head, lung, hip and neck.

"He was my best friend. We were two parts of one whole and I feel like I lost half of myself with him. He meant the world to me," Riley, in tears, told WBZ.

Two years ago, while applying for his driver's license, Dillon chose to become an organ donor. When he died, his heart was given to a Boston college student; his kidney to a 40 year-old female; his liver to a 40-year-old man, and his other kidney to a boy, according to Dillon's mother. The McManus family, who are organ donors, hope to meet the organ recipients.

"Donating his organs and saving four lives is a testament to his character," said Riley.

"There is a constant struggle out there for people waiting for an organ and there's just not enough," said mother Colleen McManus .