Life's most awkward moments -- there are lots of them

(CBS News) Life is pretty awkward sometimes -- hence, why some people's favorite line is "awkwaaarrrdddd" (you know you've said it, and you know that tone). And there are some moments that are just way too common, and that happens just a little too often. BuzzFeedYellow illustrates some of these painful moments in the hilarious video above. Trust me, you will know the feeling the minute you see each example.

For me, the uncomfortable sidewalk dance and the failed parking attempt hit closest to home. But they also missed out on a few gems, in my humble opinion, like when you wave back at someone that definitely was not waving at you. How many times have you done that? Or said "hi" to someone who was greeting someone behind you? Or not remembered someone's name or face when they actually are speaking to you? That happens more times that I would care to admit (which is perhaps why my husband's friends used to call me "Memento" -- about the guy who had to write his entire life on notes, you know the one, right, right?).

The awkward list could go on and on. Do I smell a sequel for us to trip over? What moment resonated most with you guys? Or what awkward moments do you wish they had included? Do spill in the comments below.

  • Lesley Savage