Life imitating Santa: Calif. teen gets stuck in chimney, sneaking back into his house

SHH Santa Claus is coming
Santa Claus
Authorities say a Stockton, Calif. teenager wasn't playing Santa Claus when he got stuck in a chimney - he was sneaking back in after curfew
(CBS/AP) STOCKTON, Calif. - If a California teenager couldn't scramble all the way down the chimney when he was sneaking back home after curfew, how do you think Santa Claus is gonna manage?

The Stockton Record reports 18-year-old George Herrera got stuck in a chimney Thursday. Art Ray of the Stockton Fire Department says the teen was out past curfew and was trying to get back inside.

Ray says Herrera was trapped near the chimney bottom for about 90 minutes before emergency crews were called around 10:15 a.m. When they arrived, they could see his feet sticking out of the fireplace.

Ho, ho, ho? No, no, no.

Ray says rescuers secured ropes around the teenager's wrists and pulled him up about 8 feet with the help of a firetruck ladder.

Officials say Herrera wasn't hurt and was allowed to return home after the rescue, which took about 15 minutes.