Kittens playing Jenga with their little kitten paws

(CBS News) It seems like it's time for a good old fashioned cat video. And what could be more adorable than fuzzy little kittens playing their own version of Jenga? Yes, you would think that without thumbs it would be close to impossible, but cats are pretty darn resourceful and these little fuzz-balls certainly are that. Get ready to say "awwww" at the video above posted by The Pet Collective.

If anyone doubts that these little kittens aren't figuring the game out, look again closely. As you'd expect, they start out just batting the bricks around, but then they start figuring out how to get more blocks. At and one point are effectively playing Jenga, looking for the best brick to shove. They even figure out how to "accidentally" knock over the tower when it looks like they may lose. Cats always have the last move.

  • Lesley Savage