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Kenneth Dejoie, Colo. man, sues Arby's restaurant claiming urinal burned his genitals

The Arby's in Monument, Colo.
CBS Denver
The Arby's in Monument, Colo.
CBS Denver

(CBS) MONUMENT, Colo. - Kenneth Dejoie, a man from Aura, Colo., is suing an Arby's restaurant, having claimed that one of the restaurant's urinals had burned his genitals, according to CBS Denver.

The alleged incident happened two years ago in an Arby's in Monument, but the lawsuit was just filed on May 25 of this year. Dejoie was "utilizing the urinal in the men's restroom when it caused a jet of steam to shoot forth from the urinal and burn his genitals," according to CBS Denver.

When Dejoie complained about the urinal to an employee, their alleged response was "we have that bathroom problem again," and "this happens when the sink in the kitchen is running," according to papers filed with the El Paso County District Court. As a result of his injuries and not being able to have sex with his wife, he is seeking damages for financial losses, according to the lawsuit.

He hopes to settle the case with Arby's outside of court and couldn't comment any further, Dejoie's lawyers said to CBS Denver.

In response to the lawsuit, a company spokesperson explained to CBS Denver, "We want to reassure our customers that we are committed to providing quality food in a safe and healthy environment. Since this matter is in litigation we've been advised by our attorney that we are unable to discuss."

There is still no known reason why Dejoie and his lawyers waited two years to file a lawsuit and how much they're hoping to settle for.