Johnny Depp "Sexiest" Again

Actor Johnny Depp on the cover of the "Sexiest Men Alive 2009" issue of People magazine.
Who is the "Sexiest Man Alive" in 2009?

Johnny Depp.

People magazine is releasing its annual "Sexiest Men Alive" issue Friday but, on "The Early Show" Wednesday, People Senior Editor Kate Coyne offered a preview.

This is the second time Depp has won top honors. He was named "Sexiest Man Alive" in 2003.

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Why Depp again?

Coyne said they were looking for someone who has reached sex icon status.

"He was sexy ten years ago, he'll be sexy ten years from now," she said. "He appeals to multiple generations of women -- and for many different reasons to different kinds of women."

"Early Show" co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez added Depp is a very respected actor, as well.

Coyne agreed, saying Depp is also a father and committed partner.

"He's sort of everything," Coyne said. "He's a guy's guy, kind of a bad boy, he's a respected artist and actor. You know, he's got a little bit of everything."

"Early Show" co-anchor Harry Smith asked Coyne if Depp could secretly dislike the title. Coyne responded, "As long as he owns a mirror, I don't think it's lost on him that he's pretty sexy, unless he's walking around cloaked all the time."

However, this year isn't all about repeats. Coyne mentioned a new category: vampires.

The vampire section is led by Robert Pattinson, star of the "Twilight" series. Other vampire series' stars highlighted in People were CW's "Vampire Diaries" and HBO's "True Blood."

"It was a good year to be undead, basically," Coyne said. "… Vampires were everywhere. We took a bite out of the vampire franchises."

Matt Bomer, star of the USA Network show, "White Collar," also appeared on "The Early Show." He also made this year's list.

Bomer said he's grateful to be recognized.

Does he feel any added mojo from the title? "No," Bomer said. "I'm still plugging away on 'White Collar,' and working hard on the show and trying to make a good TV show. … I'm thankful people responded to the character in the show and anything that comes from that is great."

Coyne said this year many men that may have not been on the radar, such as Bradley Cooper from "The Hangover" made the list. She said, "This time last year you might not have been thinking about them."