Instant ice water and soda slushies to keep cool

(CBS News) If you've walked around outside just about anywhere in the country lately, you're probably aware that summer is in full effect. And in light of these soaring temperatures that come as the price tag for fun in the sun, we've got a few tricks to keep you cool this season. We start things off with a slick way to instantly create ice water. (With bonus feature to make "cool" art!)

The educational and helpful seasonal trick to quickly turn your water into some nice, cold slush was posted on YouTube by user Grant Thompson who writes about it:

Want to make a glass of water freeze instantly on command? What is this supernatural power and who can use it? Discover the secrets to Ice-bending ... in real life.

And while we started things off with the more useful and important way to keep hydrated in the summer heat, we've also got a bonus for you in the form of a sweet drink past-time that is also sure to please: slushies! Learn how to make self-freezing soda slushies in the video below, also from Grant Thompson, so that you can keep the sweet fun coming all summer long! And to check out more useful videos from Grant Thompson, be sure to visit his YouTube page by clicking here.