Holloway Ally: Flores Murder Brings It All Back

Stephany Flores, left, and Natalee Holloway.
Five years after Natalee Holloway went missing, the man who has previously been arrested twice in connection with her disappearance, Joran van der Sloot, is now being sought in another killing, that of Stephany Flores, 21, whose body was found Sunday in Lima, Peru.

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Tim Miller, founder of Texas Equusearch, a non-profit organization that searches for missing persons, has assisted with the search of Natalee Holloway from almost the beginning, and has become very close with the Holloway family over the last five years.

Miller spoke to Natalee Holloway's father, David Holloway, on Wednesday. Miller said David sends his condolences to Flores' family in Peru.

Miller said, "(David is) talking about what a senseless death that was, that we feel as though the cover-up that went on in Aruba, with Joran van der Sloot never being arrested, that we need to hold a lot of people accountable for Stephany's death in Peru. I mean, a very, very sad time for everybody. And Dave is just trying to, I think, just digest what's really happening in his life again right now. And of course it brings it all back to Dave and Beth, I'm sure that it's like it happened like yesterday. So there's disappointment, there's anger, there's frustrations. And, again, Stephany, there's no reason she should be dead today. Somebody made some huge mistakes over there."

Miller also discussed an incident two years ago in Aruba in which he and David Holloway were pulled over by a police commissioner.

"We were actually digging in a landfill, and we went back to get the permits to continue digging. And Gerold Dompig actually took us to a little warehouse -- it was kind of like we were into do some drug deal like you see on TV -- and he says, 'You don't need to be digging in the landfill anymore,' he said 'Joran van der Sloot is responsible for this, that body was taken out to sea.' Gerald Dompig's words to us were that Joran van der Sloot was a sociopath, that he controlled the entire family, even his father was afraid of him. And it's unfortunate that more couldn't be done to have Joran locked up."

He continued, "The other question is, 'Where has Joran been for the last five years?' We know he's traveled all over the country. Where is his money coming from, who has he been involved with? And we hate to even think like that. Did he kill Natalee, did he kill Stephany, yes, but he's really responsible for his father's death dying way before his time with the stress he went through. So Joran van der Sloot single-handedly probably destroyed an island, destroyed two different families, and certainly his own family."

Miller's own daughter, Laura Miller, was murdered in 1984 when she was 16. He founded Texas EquuSearch in 2000 in her memory and has since aided in the search of many missing persons including Natalee Holloway, Haleigh Cummings and victims of the 2004 tsunami.

Miller said the Holloways are still planning to look for Natalee's body.

"She deserves that funeral, Miller said, "And, yes, they want that person in prison for the rest of his life. And I know that feeling. I went through 17 months where Laura disappeared. … So I know what they go through. I made a promise to God and to Laura I'd never leave a family alone if there was anything I could ever do to help. And unfortunately, there's too many families out there."

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