Grass Is Green? The Mower Should Be Clean

What can homeowners do to be sure that their trusty lawn mowers are tuned up and ready for a busy spring and summer? The Early Show's home maintenance guru Danny Lipford has put together an easy checklist which he shared with Harry Smith.

Lipford suggests a three-step plan:

  • Replace the spark plug. Lipford says it's easily extracted with a wrench.
  • Replace the air filter. It will help the mower breathe better, he said.
  • Change the oil. Be sure to dispose of it properly.

    Lipford says that while the spark plug is disengaged, home gardeners should sharpen the blade with a file or the abrasive wheel on a drill.

    Some other ideas for lawn care from Lipford:

  • Don't cut wet grass;
  • Leave grass at least 1.5 inches high;
  • Don't mow in the same direction (change up between east/west and north/south);
  • Use the grass catcher for first & last mow of the season.

    Need a checklist on preparing your lawn mower for the summer season? Lipford has put one together on his Web site,, or click here.