Giuliani Event Disrupted By Bomb Threat

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

MELBOURNE, FLA. -- Rudy Giuliani's plan to deliver a major tax form overhaul proposal was delayed a few hours today after a bomb threat was called into the location of the event.

Harris Corporation in Melbourne was prepared to welcome around 200 employees and a few dozen supporters when they received a "non-credible, non-specific" threat which is still under investigation.

Giuliani's campaign quickly moved the event to a nearby airport, where Giuliani delivered a proposal for an optional one page tax form.

A K-9 unit and TSA officials swept the press and supporters before they could enter the hangar where Giuliani was introduced by Steve Forbes and Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum.

A vice president from the Harris Corporation, Jim Burke, later informed CBS News that the FBI said the campus was all clear just after Giuliani delivered his prepared speech.

Although the person who made the threat did not mention Giuliani or the event specifically, Burke also said that to his recollection, there has never been a bomb threat he can recall in the last five years.

The former mayor had called today's event in Florida a "kickoff" and suggested it would be turning point in the election race as candidates head toward Florida's primary and the Super Tuesday contest of 24 states on February 5th.

Speaking for just under 20 minutes, the mayor introduced his one-page tax form as part of several proposals he plans to make in the coming weeks.

"America now needs a flatter, fairer, and simpler tax system," said Giuliani. "Let's have a one single page tax form."

The 11 line tax form was handed out in draft form to the press. It included just three tax rates -- 10, 15, and 30 percent, depending on income.

"You don't have to file this if you don't want. You can file the long form," explained Giuliani.

Giuliani also called for additional cuts in taxes, including a 10 percent chop in the corporate tax by ten percent and ending the estate or "death" tax altogether.