Food band names puns from A to Z: ZZ Tapas anyone?

(CBS News) Brooklyn comedian Riley Soloner and filmmaker David Bluvband created "Food Bands: From A to Z," where Riley alphabetically lists off some band name puns based on foods. They must have had a lot of time on their hands to come up with all of these plays on names, but we're sure glad they made the effort because the result is a sure tasty treat. Check out their clever, culinary creation above.

On his YouTube site, Soloner writes, "Dude I have so many food band puns, man. It's nuts." Ha, ha! Get it? And while some of his puns are a stretch, they are all very smart and funny -- Fine Young Cantaloupe? Stevia Nicks? Katy Pierogi? You really can't help but laugh at these food puns, and you can't help but laugh at Soloner as he tries to say them with a straight face and simultaneously gulps down a bite of every food. We're sure it'll leave you hungry for another installment...

  • Lesley Savage