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Five kittens looking at things offscreen simultaneously

(CBS News) So I was just taking a stroll on the Internet, minding my own business, when this video walked up, pushed me and screamed, "Post me on The Feed!" I tried to keep cool and calmly explain I wasn't looking for any trouble, but this video wasn't having any of it. True story. So here's the video. Watch it. It's adorable.  There are kittens.  Doing kitten things.  It's way cute.  I promise.  Please don't hurt me, Mr. Viral Video...

So in the end I'm glad I went ahead and ceded to this video's demands. Sure, it was pushy about the way it went about making it up on The Feed, but who doesn't love watching five cats simultaneously looking at things offscreen. What exactly are they looking at?  No clue.  What does it mean?  No idea.  But, I mean, seriously, it's just an adorable overload, right?  Whatever this is, it should be an Olympic event!