Fan does clever musical tribute to Denard Robinson and Michigan football

(CBS News) So while your blogger here went to the University of Texas and is a die-hard Longhorn fan, that doesn't mean I can't occasionally recognize talent on some of the rival teams. (As long as they're in a different conference, of course.) Take Michigan's star quarterback, Denard Robinson, for instance. Is he talented? Undoubtedly. Does that talent make him worthy of a song tribute? Well, it turns out the answer to that question is a big "yes" as you'll see in the video above.

What a really fun fan tribute to college football! The musical homage aptly entitled "I Love You Denard" was done by comedic singer and songwriter, Pat Stansik.  And though a part of me is almost sad to do this (due to my own personal love for the Longhorns), I'm going to begrudgingly give a big triple-rainbow salute of awesome to Pat Stansik for this very clever song (I only hope that by doing so some intrepid and talented Longhorns take this triple-rainbow salute as a challenge and step up to the plate).  And to check out more amazing work by Pat Stansik, you can you go to his YouTube page by clicking here.

UPDATE: Pat Stansik took a moment to give a nice shout-out to us in the Comments section below.