Escaping Sinking Or Submerged Car

Would you know what to do if your car suddenly wound up underwater, with you in it?

On The Early Show Thursday, consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen shared step-by-step, potentially life-saving advice.

At Survival Systems USA in Groton, Conn., she entered a simulator to show what to do. She was literally underwater much of the time.

The first thing to do is fight off panic, and your instincts. Trying to push the car door open could cost precious time under certain circumstances.

And don't dismiss the possibility of it happening to you: A car goes into the water every four hours in the United States.

To watch Koeppen's report, click here.

Interestingly, Koeppen pointed out that, if your car has power windows, they should work, even underwater. But you need to make sure you keep your engine running.

Also, as far as children are concerned, get yourself out and go back for them if they can't get out on their own because they're too young, and teach older kids what to do, just like a fire drill, Koeppen says.
  • Brian Dakss