DNA Tests Can Tell You Fido's Makeup

Dogs that some people call "mutts" are properly known as mixed breeds, and millions of people have them and love them.

Up to 50 percent of dogs in America are mixed breeds, and many pet owners are curious about just who their "doggy's daddy" is.

Now, reports The Early Show veterinarian Dr. Debbye Turner, science can identify the makeup of the mix.

It would seem DNA has gone to the dogs!

Thanks to a do-it-yourself genetics kit from MMI Genomics, says Turner, you can now learn which breeds are in your dog.

The Canine Heritage Breed test, she says, can accurately identify 38 canine breeds right now, but that will be expanding next month to at least 115.

Owners simply swab the inside of their dog's cheek, fill out an application, and mail it all back to MMI.

The test could help owners and veterinarians watch for breed-specific problems, by knowing that a certain breed of dog is at risk, Turner observes.

The test costs $65 dollars plus shipping and handling, and it takes four to six weeks to get results. The next version of the test will be a little pricier.

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For much more on the test, visit the MMI Web site of MetaMorphix, Inc., at this address: www.metamorphixinc.com.
  • Brian Dakss