Discover the cuteness that is a baby "mouflon"

(CBS News)  I'm sure some of you are wondering what exactly is a "mouflon?" And I could explain that it's a type of wild sheep (with a Wikipedia page and everything), but why don't you click play on the video above to find out the most important detail: the cuteness that is a baby mouflon!

The total case of adorable overload was posted by Camels & Friends who write about it:

It's a girl!!! Today Trivia the Mouflon had her baby! Here she is at a few hours old.

Awwww... congratulations go out to mother mouflon, Trivia, on her newborn baby girl from us here at The Feed! And while the latest edition to the family doesn't have a name picked out yet, I'm just going to call her "Cuteness" (because that's exactly what she is!). And to check out more mouflons and other cute animals, be sure to click here to go to the YouTube page for Camels & Friends.