Date Offers Flood In for Ayla Brown

A week ago, Scott Brown was a little-known Republican state senator who suddenly made worldwide headlines by winning the U.S. Senate seat Ted Kennedy held for so long.

In his victory speech, he made his daughters famous, too, telling the crowd Ayla and Arianna were "available."

However, as it turns out, many of us had already heard of Ayla.

She was on season five of the Fox show "American Idol." She released her second album, "Circles" today, with the record company moving up the date to capitalize on the publicity generated by her father's remarks.

Ayla appeared exclusively on "The Early Show" and admitted she was blushing "even right now" about what her father said.

Ayla said it was a "very funny moment" for her family.

"For people who know my dad, he's definitely like that," she said. "But on national television, none of us were expecting it, and I was looking at the prompter the whole time, and none of that was on the script. And neither was the comment about Doug Flutie being on stage. And he was just like, 'I'm just honored to be on the stage with Doug Flutie,' and then he throws a touchdown pass and we're like, 'That is so my dad.' We're finally seeing his true colors."

Ayla said she didn't know the story had become such a big headline until she was rushed the next morning by reporters.

"They were like, 'What did you think of the comment?'" she said. "... It kind of made me laugh, because he does that to Arianna and myself often, but always in such a good-hearted way. And we always just joke around about it afterwards."

As for being "available," Ayla said she got many date offers following her father's remark.

Facebook messages, e-mails, Web site mail and Ayla's parents were the would-be suitors' ways to Ayla's heart. One person even wrote to Ayla's mother at work.

Ayla explained, "Someone (said), 'I never usually do this, but I'm scared it will get lost in the hundreds of e-mails Ayla's receiving, so if could you pass this on to her...'"

But so far, none of the invitations has led to a love connection.

"I'm still looking and waiting it out," she said. "I want to give it time."

Ayla is currently a senior in Boston College, where she's majoring in communications. She's also a member of the Lady Eagles basketball team. In addition to her athletic and academic pursuits, she got involved in her father's politics while he was on the campaign trail. One local Boston newspaper even dubbed her "Daddy's Pit Bull."

Does Ayla think she could ever enter the world of politics?

"I leave politics to my dad. He is amazing at that," she said. "Myself, I'm just focusing on basketball right now, finishing up my senior year and graduating. I've got to graduate. And I'm on-time to do that. So those are my three main focuses, as well as singing. Politics -- I don't think so."

As for Scott Brown winning the Senate seat -- the first time in decades a Republican has accomplished that -- Ayla said her father is honored to even hold the seat.

"I think people in Massachusetts really got it right with him," she said. "He's been doing a great job, and the campaign was really exciting. And I think the momentum just worked in his favor over the last month or so in the campaign. And that's when my sister and I really got involved, and could see just people starting to believe what my dad could do for Massachusetts. It was cool."
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