Chris Rock on stand-up: I have "a ton of nasty stuff"

(CBS News) Chris Rock is ready return to stand-up and quite eager to pull out some "nasty" new material for audiences, he said Thursday on "CBS This Morning."

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The stand-up comedian-turned-actor has recently appeared in the family movie series "Madagascar" and most recently the art house film, "Two Days in New York," about a couple who finds coping with family a trying experience.

"They're all kind of PG-type things," he said, referring to his recent movies' ratings. "So it would be kind of nice to get up there and curse up a storm and have some fun. I am writing all the time. I got a ton of nasty stuff."

But Rock did say he has turned down some roles because of their content. "I've turned down a couple of things like pimps. ... Somebody had - I'm not going to say his name - had the rights to 'Super Fly.' It's like, 'We can do it on Broadway.' I was like, 'Dude, I'm not -- I don't need money that bad. I don't want to make -- I got daughters. I can't produce a pimp musical.'"

As for his stand-up comedy, Rock said he's not the same as in his movies when he's on stage.

"In stand-up, I'm Leo(nardo) DiCaprio," he said. "I get to play what I want to play. I can go wherever I want to go. I'm Leo. Leo gets the best scripts. 'Hey, hey man. Leo is coming.' Everybody knows that Leo is getting the best."

For more with Rock on stand-up, his new movie, which opens on August 10, and his thoughts on the way Gabby Giffords' Olympic journey has been covered in the media, watch the video in the player above.