'Cher Remembers' Life With Sonny

For more than a decade, the beat went on for Sonny and Cher as they entertained America with music and their special brand of comedy.

CBS This Morning Co-Anchor Mark McEwen interviewed Cher about the special times audiences shared with Sonny, times that ended all too suddenly and all too soon.

"This is probably the most important thing I've ever done in my life. And I also know that he is someplace loving this."said Cher.

From her eulogy at Sonny Bono's funeral to the unveiling last week of Sonny and Cher's star on Hollywood Boulevard's walk of fame, Cher has emerged to mourn and heal in public.

"I'm not advertising a movie, I'm not selling a record. I'm not advertising something. It's something that's my life," she said.

And her life with Sonny comes alive Wednesday night Sonny and Me: Cher Remembers.in a special called Sonny And Me: Cher Remembers.

" He was funny, charming, and acted childish," said Cher about what made her fall in love with Sonny.

It was their personalities that made everybody rock to Sonny and Cher. At one point they had five songs in the Billboard top twenty.

"We weren't polished, we were just funny. Together we were different. We were individual personalities. And then when you put the two of us together, we became another entity which was Sonny and Cher."

And when they divorced, they were still able to work together. "We were able to have fun and do all kinds of things - with me as his friend - that he wouldn't do with me as his wife." says Cher.

Even though they spent the last few years rarely speaking, Cher at 52 calls her time with Sonny as a milestone in her life.