Bulldozer, 14 tons, stolen from construction site

This is the bulldozer that was stolen from a Massachusetts construction site on Sunday, April 15, 2012.
CBS Boston/Rehobeth Police
CBS/AP) REHOBOTH, Mass. - How do you steal a 14-ton bulldozer? Apparently, very carefully...and also, very successfully, according to authorities in southeastern Massachusetts.

Rehoboth police say the yellow 2006 Caterpillar D5 XL was taken from a job site in broad daylight in a quiet residential neighborhood on Sunday afternoon.

Detective Brian Ramos tells The Sun Chronicle a witness saw the 28,000 lb. and $85,000 bulldozer loaded onto a flatbed trailer and towed away, possibly by a green tractor.

Police are confident the theft was planned, and Ramos said the professional way in which the bulldozer was moved may have given neighbors little reason to think something was amiss.

It wasn't until the construction crew returned to the site Monday morning that they noticed the heavy equipment was missing.

Wonder where the thieves could be hiding it...