"Breaking Bad" will return in August

Bryan Cranston as Walter White, left, and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman are shown in a scene from the season 5 premiere of "Breaking Bad." AP Photo/AMC

Mark your calendars, "Breaking Bad" fans - the show's final eight episodes will debut on Aug. 11.

AMC announced the return date Wednesday during its upfront presentation to advertisers, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"Breaking Bad" will air at 10 p.m. ET, and will lead in to a live, half-hour discussion show called "Talking Bad," which will analyze each episode in the same way "Talking Dead" has done for "The Walking Dead."

The drug-fueled drama, starring Emmy winners Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, aired the first half of its fifth season last summer. These final episodes will conclude that season and the show itself.

But while "Breaking Bad" is coming to an end, it's possible that the franchise could continue -- it was reported last week that AMC is considering a spin-off centered on Bob Odinkirk's shady lawyer character Saul Goodman.

  • Jessica Derschowitz