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"BP Oil Spill" Most Searched on Yahoo! in 2010

Actors Kim Kardashian poses backstage at MTV's "Total Request Live" show to promote her new movie, "Disaster Movie" on Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2008, in New York.
AP Photo/Peter Kramer
Yahoo! has compiled their top online searches for 2010.

On "The Early Show," Heather Cabot, Yahoo!'s web life editor, shared the top searches and why they made the list:

It's very rare that we have other things than celebrities on the list. Last year Nascar was No. 2, which was very interesting. The fact that the oil spill was No. 1 is very significant. The internet has changed the way we consume news, and when 9/11 happened, people were online, but they got the most information from TV. When they showed the well gushing on the web people were so into it that the site crashed. People were also searching for the projected path of the spill and trajectory and satellite images.

People were obsessed because it's not like the NFL they don't know all the rules of soccer and they were looking that up. They wanted to follow what was going on and wanted to know more about the game and the team. People were also watching it online which was big. Also people were searching for vuvuzelas -- that was off the charts. People wanted to know what they were. They wanted to know tie-breaker rules, as well, and they searched for the octopus who predicted teams that would win.

Love her or hate her, she is a girl transitioning into womanhood. She is trying to find her way while in the public. You have fans eating this up and listening to her music online as well. Her parents just split up. She has incredible branding as well.

I think she is the example of the ultimate brand -- her people are smart - and built an empire. She has perfume, stores, a show, a clothing line. She and her family are everywhere.

People love to look at her music online and search about her wardrobe. There were searches for the meat dress, especially around Halloween. It was off the charts. She is also big on mobile searches and she has one billion views on You Tube.

People wanted to know where to buy it and how to use it.

People are not just reading gossip about these people; they also consume their content. People are fascinated by her, and there was buzz when she wasn't cast in the third "Transformers" movie. There is also controversy about her thumb. She was in a commercial, and she has a thumb that is wider than her fingers, and they used a hand model, and that exploded online.

He came out of nowhere, and he is a product of the web. He was discovered on You Tube. It's very organic and he turned himself into a brand as well.

For the past few years, they have been on list. It's interesting because ratings have gone down, but they are still in the top 10 and people may not watch the show, but they want to talk about it around the water cooler. So they want to be informed.

For many years, she was No. 1 on the list and still on list last year. I think it's a credit to her that she has gotten her life better, and is still on the list.