At Washington bar, cocktails inspired by the candidates

The Topaz Bar, located in the trendy Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington DC, is offering patrons cocktails representing each presidential candidate.

"I wanted to have some fun with it, be a little irreverent and still hit on the some of the key points of each candidate," said Topaz Bar's Rico Wisner, who invented the drinks.

The drinks include a Romney Float, Rick's Tea Party, Gin-grich & Tonic, Ron's PBR, and Obama's Home Sweet Home.

When asked who would win the election if a drink were a candidate, Wisner had a tough choice. "I would like to say all drinks are created equal but the Santorum, 'Ricks Tea Party,' came together well with those flavors, as well as that Romney float," said Wisner.

"I just I had some fun with that one trying to make it rich."

The drinks made their debut on Super Tuesday. That night customers voted and President Obama's "Home Sweet Home" came out on top. Mitt Romney, the GOP's Super Tuesday winner, took second-to-last place in the drink face-off with 7 drinks less than Obama.

The Topaz Bar will feature each candidate's drink until they are eliminated from the race.

  • Jacqueline Corba