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Antics in the Animal Kingdom

Daredevil White Mouse Stunt Riding on Bicycle Handlebars, Challenge, Animal Tricks, Mouse, Humor, Bicycle, Handlebar, Stunt, Fun, Fur, Performance, Cycling, Riding
Animals, like people, often display special talents and, luckily for us, the people who observe this often want to capture the magic on video.

The following are three recent videos showing some of the amazing things a pet can do. Watch each one, then go to the bottom of this page and vote for your favorite.


Some cats may enjoy a sprinkle or two from the shower or tap though most felines shy away from water that is not in their bowl. Prinny the cat, seen here, not only enjoys the water but proves herself entirely capable of the dog paddle.

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Now for a horse of a different color. In Chula Vista, Calif. a herd of horses got loose, running down the highway before being corraled soon after.

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A bee in her bonnet? Not quite. But when a queen bee led her hive to this Honda for a rest, the owner got quite a surprise.

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