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Nashville police officer arrested for appearing in adult OnlyFans video while on duty

6/14: CBS Morning News
6/14: CBS Morning News 19:57

A Nashville police officer was arrested on Thursday for appearing in an adult OnlyFans video while on duty.

Sean Herman, 33, was arrested at his Sumner County home on two counts of felony official misconduct, the Nashville Police Department said in a statement. Herman, who had been on the police force for three years, filmed the OnlyFans video on the evening of April 26 while he was on duty as a patrol officer in the area, police said. 

Former police officer Sean Herman, 33, was arrested for appearing in an OnlyFans video while on duty. Nashville Police Department

He allegedly was dressed in his official police uniform and his squad car was visible in the video as Herman participated in a mock traffic stop "during which he groped the exposed breast of the female driver," police said. 

Herman was fired May 9, one day after the video was discovered by detectives on OnlyFans, a popular subscription platform site often used by adult content creators, police said. 

After he was fired, police said they continued the investigation, resulting in Herman's arrest. A criminal court judge set his bond at $3,000, and he was released from jail in the early morning hours Friday, according to inmate records.

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